Michael Carney - Interim Chief Executive Officer / Programs and Education Manager

As Chief Executive Officer, Michael is responsible for overseeing all operations and business activity in accordance with our strategy and mission, providing strong culture and leadership, as well as maintaining a great working relationship with our board of directors. His role as Programs and Education Manager at HFMA allows him to work closely with key stakeholders in the sector to develop HFMA programs.  With a clinical background as a Physiotherapist, Michael has developed a strong interest in the business of healthcare through a range of roles in operational management, business development and regional management, along with the completion of an MBA.

Trudi O'Donnell - National Relationships & Events Manager

Trudi is our National Relationship Manager; her role involves working closely with our Members and Corporate Partners to build strategic relationships for the Association. During her time at HFMA she has successfully developed and maintained these connections, as well as driving a strong culture within the company. Trudi’s background is quite diverse, she has an excess 10 years’ experience in financial community banking, owned and operated a small business, and her most recent venture is becoming a qualified marriage celebrant.

Sequoia Harris - Projects and Systems Support

Sequoia is our Projects and Systems support officer. Sequoia is responsible for assisting in the development of Programs and Events, maintaining and building HFMA’s online platforms, and aiding in the organisation of campaigns and marketing strategies. Sequoia’s background is quite broad, with over 8 years’ experience in print production, as well as proficiencies in retail and administration - Sequoia is always willing to take on an array of projects and learn new skills.