We're proud to introduce our Corporate Partners

HFMA’s Corporate Partners are an essential part to helping us deliver amazing education and events to the Health Finance Sector. We’re incredibly lucky to have such driven and passionate companies supporting our vision with their commitment of time and resources. Please take the time to look over our valued partners and consider supporting them if they offer something you’re looking for!


"Our experience with HFMA over the past 4 years has been a true partnership in every sense of the word. They have been incredibly supportive in helping us develop deep relationships within the Health Finance community and have truly valued us a key partner contributing to their ability to deliver their  education, development, research and networking activities." - Stephen Carter, Director at Sharp & Carter.

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"First State Super has been thrilled to watch the growth and development of HFMA and to see the position you now hold as the national peak body supporting health finance professionals across the country. Your model of educating and connecting finance leaders within health is one we truly value and support. Support from organisations such as HFMA assist us to achieve our aim" - Michael Dwyer, CEO of First State Super

For more information on First State Super, click here.

“It’s exciting to be working with the HFMA team towards improving the development of the Australian Health Finance sector. HFMA are taking a lead in providing a critical national resource for knowledge sharing and education to increase financial management capability across the sector and embarking on finding new ways for connecting people in the process. I appreciate the opportunity to be working with the team in its strategic endeavours” - Julian Maiolo, Director at Paxton Partners

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“Partnering with HFMA has provided a bedrock for Allocate to network, understand the pulse of the healthcare industry and provide an open communication for our customers and prospects.”- Alison Sinclair, Sales Manager at Allocate Software

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Frontier Software was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1983. The objective of the founders was, and continues to be, to create a world-class integrated Human Resource and Payroll solution. That system supports best-practice Human Resource and Payroll processing for more than 1700 clients globally.

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Maxxia is a leading provider of workplace benefits in Australia and part of the McMillan Shakespeare Group.  At Maxxia, we're all about real benefits and genuine savings. And we take our responsibilities seriously. You can be assured that we handle our clients' money accurately, ethically and efficiently - every time

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AtoBI is a business solutions consultancy that gives you the insight and power you need to strengthen and grow your business. AtoBI are passionate problem solvers who help you understand and leverage your data. Their intelligent, real time dashboards provide everything you require to make smart decisions and maximise value for your customers and your business.

AtoBI gives you the confidence to know, act and achieve.

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At HESTA, they're dedicated to people in health and community services. They speak up for others, and are committed to creating better futures for theirr members, women and in fact, all Australians.

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IHPA is an independent government agency established by the Commonwealth as part of the National Health Reform Act 2011. IHPA was established to contribute to significant reforms to improve Australian public hospitals. A major component of these reforms is the implementation of national Activity Based Funding (ABF) for Australian public hospitals.

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Aspex Consulting is a specialist consulting group with a strong focus on the health and human services sectors. We tailor solutions to meet the needs and goals of large and small organisations, government and non-government sectors, clinicians and consumers.

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PwC is one of Australia's leading professional services firms, bringing the power of our global network of firms to help Australian businesses, not-for-profit organisations and governments assess their performance and improve the way they work. Having grown from a one-man Melbourne accountancy practice in 1874 to the worldwide merger of Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand in 1998, PwC Australia now employs more than 7,000 people.

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CBS is the premium health-tech provider of business intelligence. We help you make decisions that make a difference using software solutions that deliver real-time information. 

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