Member Monday Q&A - Ragul Karun, Swan Hill District Health (SHDH)

As part of our 'Member Monday Q&A' campaign we will be posting a new interview every Monday with a HFMA Member, Sponsor or Partner. This week we interviewed Ragul Karun from Swan Hill District Health (SHDH).

Ragul Karun (Ragulan Karunanantham)Chief Financial Officer, Swan Hill District Health (SHDH).

Name, Title, and outline for your role and organisation?

"Ragul Karun" (Ragulan Karunanantham), Chief Financial Officer, Swan Hill District Health (SHDH). Being part of SHDH executive team, I have oversight of Health Information Services, Payroll Services, Information & Communication Technology and Finance.

How do you work with HFMA?

By being a member of HFMA, I have enjoyed great opportunity to get to know fellow members in the health finance sector and having made a sea change from Melbourne to Swan Hill eight years ago, HFMA provided opportunities to reconnect with my former colleagues from Royal Melbourne Hospital and Mercy Health. HFMA is also providing great electronic platforms to learn and share experience.

What are you missing about the office? Or another challenge with current working arrangements if you are going into the office?

Missing the team environment, though we are only a phone call away. On the flip side, Working From Home (WFH) requires self-discipline and getting used to is a bit painful exercise. Once you get into a rhythm, productivity out of WFH outweighs the pain.

What are you most looking forward to doing when self-isolation ends?

Looking forward to taking some time off and do a bit of travelling.

What can you offer HFMA members?

I can offer some tips on how to boost productivity while working from home. Also, happy to share some experience on common challenges we face as industry and some of the solutions we are exploring as an Organisation. Stay safe, stay patient and stay kind.


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