HFMA Inaugural Women in Finance Community Group

Are you a woman who works in finance? Envision a forum where likeminded women share ideas, address challenges, and celebrate successes.

March 2022 seen hfma celebrate International Womens Day with 20 hfma members - finance professionals, and from little things big things grow, from the celebration we have 12 individuals wanting to move forward with the establishing the HFMA Inaugural Women in Finance Community Group, with an inaugural meeting to be held on Thursday May 19th, 2022 at 1.30pm with the initial ‘TEAMS Meeting’ to harness the ideas and enthusiasm of a group of likeminded women in the corporate, private and public sectors who are interested in learning more about the people who work in the industry, raise profile and highlight the many different career paths that are there for women.

HFMA realise that the day-to-day demands of climbing the career ladder can make it difficult to invest in relationships with others in your field. That is why the hfma wish to establish a Women in Finance Community Group for your sector.

HFMA aim to be the number 1 community for women in finance and we are looking for likeminded individuals who believe women have a place in finance and/or business to join us:

  • Thursday 19th May 1.30 (teams link to be provided)

Please register your interest to attend – Trudi.odonnell@hfma.org.au

HFMA Corporate Partners