The Board of Directors is the governing body and driving force behind HFMA Australia. The board are dedicated to improving the capability and capacity across the Health Finance sector, and all volunteer considerable time to achieve this.

The Board is responsible for guiding the HFMA team to develop programs, and are commited to the national strategy of HFMA.

Meet the board below.



Mr. Brandon Howard


Karingal - Chief Operating Officer

Brandon Howard has been with Karingal since August 2014. Prior to this, Brandon was the Business Operations Manager at Epworth Healthcare in Richmond, Deputy Chief Financial Officer at St Vincent’s Public Hospital in Melbourne and Financial Controller at Barwon Health in Geelong. Brandon has over 20 years of commercial experience, with the most recent years in senior Health and Community management roles. He has experience in managing complex and challenging industries, with strong leadership qualities, and is not afraid to question the status quo. His strong focus on adding value and driving cultural change allows him to develop strong working relationships with staff and key stakeholders. He is incredibly community oriented, with a demonstrated desire and passion for active community involvement.

Mr. Mark Lawrence

Vice President

Western Health - Executive Director of Finance and Performance

Mark has a background in commercial enterprises, having worked as a purchasing officer, warehouse manager and inventory controller before moving into finance. He spent the first 15 years in manufacturing before moving into the not-for-profit area in aged care, and finally from there to acute care at Western Health in Victoria. Mark has over 17 years’ experience as a Chief Financial Officer and has held Board positions with Chaplains without Boarders and HFMA. He also has interests in harness racing, owning, breeding and racing, and has also been a member at Kooyong Tennis Club and 13th Beach Golf Club where he was Treasurer for a time.

Mr. Andrew Whittingham


The Royals Children's Hospital - Director of Management and Accounting

Andrew Whittingham has over 20 years of Health Finance experience. Originally from the United Kingdom, where he qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant, Andrew worked in the National Health Service prior to moving to Australia in 2002. Andrew has held senior positions at St Vincent’s hospital and Alfred Health. He has been Director of Management Accounting at the Royal Children’s Hospital for over ten years and leads the Management Accounting and Business Management Group. Andrew was the recipient of the 2013 Chairman’s Medical Award for the provision of financial training to The Royal Children’s Hospital.

Mr. George Kapitelli


Melbourne Health - Executive Director of Finance and Logistics

George Kapitelli became the Melbourne Health Executive Director – Finance, Procurement and Supply Chain in June 2014, following a distinguished 26-year international career with global multinational General Motors. Before his move into health, George played a key role in establishing and developing start-up national business operations, into successful long-term ventures as well as restructuring mature operations into leaner entities, better established for long term sustainable success. The move into health has confirmed that strong finance skills are transferable across very different industries, and is reflected as George successfully leads finance teams across a wider variety of cultures and different phases of maturity to display high levels of adaptability and agility. Comfortable both in reporting and strategizing with senior management and external stakeholders, George also has specialties in strategic direction, restructuring, competitive assessment, financial modelling and team development.

Mr. John Delinaoum

Board Director

Health Purchasing Victoria - Director of Finance, Risk and Governance (CFO)

Having been in the health sector over 20 years, John has been fortunate enough to have experience within a variety of public and private health services, also extending to aged care services. John commenced at HPV as Director Finance, Risk and Governance (CFO) in March 2015, and previously was at Northern Health as the Director Finance Services, which encompassed a variety of financial and corporate services. John has strong qualifications in leading the development and implementation of an innovative financial strategy that embraces opportunities to build long term sustainability, and encourages strong operational performance, whilst fostering a culture of accountability and excellence in financial management and governance. John has been on the Board of HFMA over 4 years as part of a desire to support professional development within the health sector.

Mr. David Anderson

Board Director

Peninsula Health - Executive Director of Finance

David has been an Executive Director of Finance at Peninsula Health since 2002 and is currently a Board member of the Royal Eye and Ear Hospital. Previously, he has worked in the Department of Health and Community Services, the Department of Water Resources, for a British consulting firm and has been a Board member for a small disability agency. David commenced as Acting CEO At Peninsula Health in August 2017 and is responsible for meeting operational targets and progressing key project initiatives.”

Mr. Ian Moody

Board Director

Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service - Executive Director of Finance and Business Services

Ian Moody joined Gold Coast Hospital and Health Services in 2013 as the Executive Director, Finance and Business Services, after working for more than 15 years in assurance and consulting in various commercial industries locally, in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. With the ongoing pressures faced by those delivering healthcare services, Ian enjoys contributing to the strategies employed to deal with these challenges and ultimately to providing value to patients and the local Gold Coast community.

Mr. Greg Stenton

Board Director

Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria - Chief Financial Officer

Greg Stenton is the Director of Finance for the Victorian Department of Health. In this role Greg is responsible for managing and reporting on the $14 billion health budget, including working with health agencies to identify financial risks, improvements to financial reporting and preparation of budget submissions to Government. Greg has more than 25 years’ experience in public sector administration, primarily in the health and human services portfolios. With an original background in Human Resources and stints in finance, strategy, and business improvement along the journey, Greg brings a unique perspective to his current role.

Mr. Shaun Eldridge

Board Director

Central Adelaide Local Health Network - Chief Financial Officer

Shaun Eldridge is currently the Chief Financial Officer at Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN), and has previously worked as the CFO of the Townsville Hospital and Health Service in North Queensland for two years. Prior to these roles he was in similar positions in the Victorian public health system for 19 years. Shaun has experience in the oversight of finance, planning and non-clinical functions in the health finance sector, and strives to be part of dynamic teams that turn around financial performance.

Mr. Robert Mackway-Jones

Board Director

Metro South Health QLD - Chief Financial Officer

Robert has 22 years of health sector experience and more than 12 years of senior leadership experience within the New Zealand environment. He joined Metro South Health as Chief Finance Officer (CFO) in June 2013. Robert’s New Zealand health experience included various financial roles and sector leadership roles. From 2010 to 2013 he led the health needs assessment, strategic planning, funding and contracting for health services activities for the Southern District Health Board while concurrently fulfilling its Chief Finance Officer role.

Mr. Ian Wright

Board Director

The Mater Private Hospital - Group Chief Financial Officer

Mr Wright holds extensive experience across both the finance and healthcare sectors having spent the past seven years fulfilling a number of roles at Queensland Health, most recently as Chief Finance Officer and General Manager Finance and Business Services for Health Support Queensland (a commercial Business Unit of Queensland Health).

Mr. Ross Sinclair

Board Invitee

South Western Sydney LHD - Director of Finance

Mr Sinclair is currently working as Executive Director Finance for South Western Sydney Local Health District.  He is an accounting professional with extensive experience in both public and private sector organisations, and has a passion for building capability and capacity in large organisations and developing sustainable health care systems to meet future population demands.

Mr. Neville Onley

Board Invitee

NSW Health - Executive Director

Neville is currently the Executive Director of Activity Based Management, NSW Health, formerly known as the Activity Based Funding (ABF) Taskforce, established in September 2011 by NSW Ministry of Health to oversee and implement the ABF aspects of the National Health Reform across the NSW Health System. Prior to this Neville held the position of Director Financial Services for the Southern Clinical Support Cluster and was Director of Finance and Corporate Services for the former South Eastern Sydney and Illawarra Area Health Service. Neville has extensive experience in reform processes having been involved in the National Rail Reforms across Australia, the Reform of NSW Ports and Waterways and the Sydney Olympic Games.

Mr. Thomas Pamminger

Board Invitee

North Adelaide LHN - Chief Financial Officer

Thomas was appointed Chief Financial Officer with NAHLN in June 2017. He has a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) from the University of South Australia, and is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia/New Zealand. Thomas has a background in the accounting profession in the audit and corporate services area and working in management and Chief Financial Officer roles in various entities including publicly listed, state government and incorporated bodies.

Ms. Katrina Bosworth

Board Invitee

SA Health - Director

Katrina has over 15 year's experience in both private and public health and aged care. She commenced as the Director, Strategic Support Unit for SA Health in April 2017, providing advice and support in identifying and implementation of improvements in analysis, reporting, governance and financial performance to SA Health entities. Prior to this position, Katrina was CFO at thw Women's and Children's Health Networking in Adelaide for 7 years, where she provided consolidated management of the health network budget. Katrina has experience managing  Finance and Administration, Supply and Procurement, ICT, Engineering and Building Services, Assets and Capital Works, Human Resources and Payroll forecasting, performance management, planning and analysis across different service industries.